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Co-ordinating Committee for International Lawrence Conferences (CCILC)

The CCILC, established in June 1993 in Ottawa, Canada, at the 5th International D.H. Lawrence Conference, is the international body charged with authorizing international Lawrence conferences every 2-4 years.  As constituted in 1993, with John Worthen as the first chair (President), its role was "to ensure the orderly and continuous planning of international conferences on the work of D.H. Lawrence." These conferences were "to nurture the ongoing international conversation about Lawrence's work" and to occur if possible "in places Lawrence himself lived and worked." CCILC members were to represent their constituencies and disseminate information about upcoming conferences.  CCILC convenes at each international DHL conference to review conference proposals and to authorize a proposal for the next conference.

No record exists of a formal CCILC constitution ever being written, revised, or ratified.  The CCILC was formally re-constituted before the 12th International D.H. Lawrence Conference in Sydney, at which it authorized a proposal for the 13th International DHL Conference in summer 2014; at that 13th conference in Gargnano, CCILC subsequently reviewed and authorized a proposal for the 14th International DHL Conference, to take place in London during the summer of 2017.  Those listed below have agreed to serve on CCILC 2015-2017, until at least the conclusion of the London conference.  In May 2015, both CCILC and the DHLSNA agreed to become formally affiliated organizations, with the DHLSNA handling a Conference Reserve on behalf of CCILC.

The membership of CCILC (representing 28 countries in 2015-17)  is as follows:

(1) Ex-officio:  representatives of duly constituted Lawrence societies (at present, UK, Japan, Korea, North America, Australia), of the DHL Centre at Nottingham University, and of any DHL societies that might be established in future;  a representative editor of each Lawrence journal—including to date the Journal of D. H. Lawrence Studies (UK), the D. H. Lawrence Review (North America), Études Lawrenciennes (France),  Japan D. H. Lawrence Studies (Japan) and D. H. Lawrence Studies (Korea); executive directors  of recent past and immediately forthcoming international D. H. Lawrence conferences authorized by CCILC;

(2) One representative each (elected or appointed by the Chair) from countries not covered by (1).


OFFICERS 2015-17: 

M. Elizabeth (Betsy) Sargent, Chair, plus Co-Executive Directors for the 2014 & 2017 Conferences

 #1-- CCILC Members 2015-17—Countries with Ex Officio Members

Paul Eggert,Australia  (Immediate past CHAIR)
David Game,Australia & Conference Organizer 2011
Paul Poplawski,Austria  & Co-Executive Director 2014 Conference
Stefania Michelucci,Italy, Co-Executive Director 2014 Conference
Simonetta de Filippis,Italy, Co-Executive Director 2014 Conference
Catherine Brown,UK, Executive Director London Conference 2017
Susan Reid,UK & Editor JDHLS
Andrew Harrison,UK, Director D.H. Lawrence Research Centre, U of Nottingham
John Worthen,UK, President D. H. Lawrence Society of Great Britain
Nancy Louise Paxton,USA, President DHLSNA 2015-2016, Conference Organizer 2011
Eleanor Green,USA, Editor, DHLR
Hiroshi Muto,Japan,  Japan D. H. Lawrence Studies
Masashi Asa,Japan, Vice President D.H. Lawrence Society of Japan, Conference Organizer 2003
Ginette Roy,France, Editor Études Lawrenciennes
Aicha Louzir,France
Doo-Sun Ryu,Korea, Editor D. H. Lawrence Studies
Nak-chung Paik,Korea

 #2--CCILC Country Representatives 2015-17

Sachidananda Mohanty,India
Margrét Gunnarsdóttir Champion,Sweden
Dawid De Villiers,   South Africa
Carmen Musat, Romania   
Christa Jansohn,  Germany
Rita Van de Kerkhof, Netherlands
Edina Pereira Crunfli,Brazil    
Zeynep Z Atayurt,Turkey
Barnard E. Turner,Republic of Singapore
Indrek Manniste, Estonia
Lee M. Jenkins, Ireland  
Masum Khan,Bangladesh
Marija Krivokapic,Montenegro
Marina  Ragachewskaya,Belarus
Géza Maráczi,Hungary
Violeta Sotirova,Bulgaria 
John Horrocks, New Zealand
Naveed Rehan, Pakistan
Laurence Steven,Canada 
Sean Matthews,Malaysia

CCILC/DHLSNA Policy for International D. H. Lawrence Conference Reserve

Gargnano International DHL Conference Financial Report

Membership of CCILC for 2011-2014